NEW FREE Webinar: Insomnia and Weight Gain

Learn How Sleep Can Affect Your Weight And So Much More

Live Webinar • Thursday March 11th at 7:30 pm EST

With Your Host:

Linda Procopio, Your Nutrition & Water Consultant

Wondering how your sleep patterns affect your weight? Are you feeling bloated and constipated on a regular basis? Let's fix that!

Inside this webinar, we'll dive into the key lifestyle shifts you can make to achieve sustainable weight loss and get a restful night's sleep.

What we'll uncover inside this webinar:

  • Struggling with sleep? Discover how to overcome insomnia and how it’s connected to weight loss.
  • Get the effective tips and strategies I use in my practice to help clients overcome health challenges. 
  • Need answers? This is an open space to ask questions.
  • If you stay until the end, you’ll receive a special gift, so make sure to stay on the call and be prepared to take notes!!

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